Dare Devil Season 1 Recap

Daredevil is a terrific television series with very well developed plot lines that stretch out through a whole season and a stellar cast. It’s surprising work from Marvel, constant violence and gore throughout every episode, as well as dark themes that you would never find in an Avengers or Spider-Man movie. As a result of that, the series stands out from other properties and is constantly exciting.

However, the plot to certain episodes can be slow moving. Though I appreciate their effort on developing character arch’s, it takes up too much time often when we begin to crave more suspense, while the writers are inclined to focus on Daredevil’s origins, or his relationship with Elektra.

The cast deliver some of the best acting I have seen in any superhero series or movie, Charlie Cox shines in the lead role, convincingly portraying a blind man with martial art skills. He has a stellar supporting cast that often even steal the show from him, such as the humorous Elden Henson as Foggy Nelson, the damaged performance of Deborah Ann Woll as Karen Page and the smart witted Rosario Dawson as Clair Temple. New characters join the second season who are just as intriguing, with actors well able to deliver their emotions, such as Jon Bernthal as the best portrayal of the Punisher to date and Elodie Yung as the complicated, yet likable Elektra.

The highlight of the series, for me, has to be Vincent D’Onofrio, who steals every scene he features in as Wilson Fisk, an insane, ruthless villain who we actually gain sympathy for as we learn about the character’s dark past and the reasons his mind works in strange ways, it’s a crime that the actor has received no Emmy nominations for his work. Exciting, action packed with engrossing stories and a stunning cast, Daredevil is certainly worth the watch for fans of action and Marvel in general.

Blind man Matt Murdock fights crime on the streets of Hell’s Kitchen, a continuously decreasing city, using his superhuman abilities and adapting the persona of Daredevil. He also fights crime peacefully as a lawyer in the daytime, along with his colleagues Foggy Nelson and Karen Page.

Best Performance: Vincent D’Onofrio / Worst Performance: Amy Rutberg

Best Episode: Daredevil / Worst Episode: Regrets Only