Babies are crawling up the Žižkov Television Tower in Prague

Prague is famous for having bizarre sculptures all around. Bleak communist era buildings stand feet away from ancient cobbled squares, the subway system is so far underground that your ears pop when entering and exiting, and the youth population insists on making sartorial choices involving neon mesh fabrics and cargo pants. Compared to the Prague TV tower babies, however, all of these features seem commonplace.

What on Earth are the Prague TV tower babies, you ask? Take a close look at this photo I snapped of the Žižkov Television Tower for the answer:

From a distance it looks like the tower (which was constructed between 1985 and 1992) is covered in ants. Upon closer inspection it becomes clear that the tiny black dots covering the three pillars of the tower are actually gigantic babies sculpted to look like they are climbing up and down the sides.

I told you it was weird.

The Prague TV tower babies were the brainchildren (see what I did there?) of Czech sculptor David Černý who designed them as a temporary installation in 2000. The people of Prague enjoyed the tykes so much, however, that they were affixed to the tower permanently in 2001.

In 2009, the Žižkov Television Tower was rated the second ugliest building in the world in a Virtual Tourist survey. Despite the general homeliness of the drab, oddly shaped building, I can’t help but think that these mischievous youngsters played a part in landing the tower so high up on that list.

Up on that tower they appear to be faceless. It’s only when you stumble upon the one terrestrial version of the sculpture that you realize the babies do have faces, and that they resemble a bar code that has been pushed into a rising ball of bread dough:

Anywhere else in the world, giant statues of disfigured infants would not be so warmly accepted. But in the delightfully wacky city of Prague, these monster babies are free to crawl around on their TV tower play structure all the live long day.

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